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Godefroy by Lura Poon Topic: Make up
The Godefroy hair color brand has a rich salon history that dates back to the 1930’s. Originally from France, our products soon became a favorite in salons across America. We are a family owned business with many of our products manufactured right here in our Arlington, Texas facility.
Published: Friday 25 April, 2014
Wig Classification by Vivian.C Topic: Wig
Wigs are generally divided into two categories, fiber wigs and human hair wigs. Human hair wigs have real hair softness, elasticity and authenticity.Fiber wig when washing no distortion characteristics, and the fiber wig is divided into several different texture.....
Published: Friday 28 June, 2013
Shape Nails by Vivian.C Topic: Nail Art
Each type of hand are different, we can't of the hands though not of the hands "lose weight" or "keep fit", but we can use to make different shapes nails to let the hands look more perfect slender...
Published: Thursday 27 June, 2013
Makeup Cleansing Products by Vivian.C Topic: Makeup remove
Makeup for the beauty you certainly no stranger, but do you know how to cleansing? All kinds of makeup cleansing products, different cleansing products have different effectiveness, and fit for different skin.
Published: Friday 21 June, 2013
Nail Files Classification by Vivian.C Topic: Nail Art
In the nail art process, nail files is the tool should be used. But nail files have many types, the price are also different, but what difference?
Published: Wednesday 19 June, 2013
How to repair your nails? by Vivian.C Topic: Nail Art
Nail art is the many girls like to do things, but also have a lot of girls not have the time or because of work to go for enjoy the nail art or the nail care. So there will tell you how to easily to repair your nails, even with out the polish, you can have the shiny nails too!
Published: Friday 14 June, 2013
EyeShadow Collocation by Vivian.C Topic: Make up
EyeShadow can be said that the most important part of makeup. Eyeshadow painted great, can make your eyes look more shiny, pretty, as the same time can make one's eyes light up with delight too! Contrary, painted badly can lead people to feel your eyes puffy and not spirit. Let's tell you some e...
Published: Thursday 13 June, 2013
Make up Brush Introduction by Vivian.C Topic: Make up
Foundation Brush-Foundation Brush is flatter than the other makeup brush...
Published: Tuesday 04 June, 2013
Nail Art Design Brush Pen Introduction by Vivian.C Topic: Nail Art
Nail Pull Pen-Brush painting nail art design pen Nail line pen- Medium-length line pen
Published: Tuesday 04 June, 2013
Herbacin Brand Story by Bonita Topic: Skin Care
Brand Introduction Found In 1905 Germany,Near The Beautiful Thuringian dialect.Herbacin Owns A Large Farm In Order To Provide Natural Resources For Their SkinCare Products.They Also Use Traditional Prescription To Invent The Best Product, All The Products Of Herbacin Are Made And Invented In Germa...
Published: Wednesday 16 May, 2012
Displaying 1 to 10 (of 77 articles) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  [Next >>] 
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